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  • Step 1: Complete the form below with your information and our Affiliate Director will contact you.
  • Step 2: Use any of our creative or text links and start sending traffic to
  • Step 3: Consumers sign-up for Free Credit Scores and we pay you per sign-up. CPA ranges based on quality of traffic and volume.
In a nutshell, Real affiliates make money every time they introduce people to our products and services. It really is that simple.
With a dedicated affiliate program management team, you have a partner on the inside whose sole purpose is to help make you successful. We provide the tools and the knowledge you need to make money by introducing consumers to our products.
As an affiliate, you will:
  • Earn $$$ for every user who starts a free trial.
  • Drive traffic to customized product pages through specially designed links and ads that allow us to track sales and traffic.
  • Receive the best customer service and account management possible through our dedicated affiliate team.

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Affiliate Program FAQ's

Why is the best Credit Score Offer?
What makes us great is a few things; First, we work every day to improve conversions for our offer so it never gets stale, and conversions never fade. Second, we will bend over backwards to take care of our affiliates and publishers to provide them whatever they need to be successful. Finally, and most importantly, we treat our partners fair and make payments on time for the hard work done by our publishers and affiliates.

Are there requirements to join
The only requirement we have at is that we can get a hold of you after sign up to discuss your plans. We accept all legitimate affiliates small or large as long as they are honest and not involved in fraud in any way.

How long does it take to get approved to
We try to reach affiliates for approval within 24 hours and can get started right after that.

What are your payouts?
We pay a wide range of payout based on quality and volume. We greatly reward quality and loyalty and will take care of our affiliates that take care of

How often are payments sent out?
We payout by check on a net 30 basis, but can offer faster terms based on history and quality with a partner.

What is the minimum payout?
We don't have a minimum. No companies love sending out millions of $25 checks, but if you need the cash, let us know.

Is tracking real time?
Yes – you will have access to real time reporting.

Is there a referral program?
Yes, we can customize a program based on your needs.

Where do I get links and creatives?
We will assign one of our best media buyers to you to help you out and get you whatever you need anytime you need it.