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ImportantScore gives consumers fast and easy access to their FICO credit score and credit report online. Users can see their FICO Score in under two minutes, and can check their score at any time. At ImportantScore, we believe knowing your credit score truly is important, as 90 percent of the top lenders use FICO Scores to determine if an applicant is a strong candidate to buy or rent a home, buy a car, or obtain a loan or credit card. Your FICO Score is also a useful indicator of your overall financial health. Checking your credit score will not lower it, so there's no penalty to check your FICO Score as often as you wish.

ImportantScore users will also get online access to their credit report, which provides consumers with a detailed view of their financial history, including bank accounts, loans and lines of credit open in their name, and a summary of missed or late payments on loans, credit cards and other financial accounts. The information found in a credit report is what your FICO Score is based upon, so checking your credit report can help you to understand why your credit score is low or high, and see what needs to be fixed to boost your score. Monitoring your credit report is also the best way to be alerted of any fraudulent purchases or accounts opened in your name, so you can take swift action if you become the victim of identity theft.