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ImportantScore.com takes security seriously and provides safeguards to ensure your information remains confidential. Because of the privacy requirements of consumers’ credit information, all online credit information is kept secure under the highest industry standards.

ImportantScore.com may present related offers from our partners. Our partners may collect additional information that follows their own privacy and security policies. Please review the privacy policy of each website you visit.

We're committed to protecting your information.

In order to protect the sensitive information in your credit history, our partner uses a rigorous identity verification process. This process includes submitting personal information, such as your Social Security number and date of birth, to the credit bureau(s). If the submitted information matches that in the bureau’s files, the information is delivered to you.

Please rest assured that our credit partner has security measures in place to protect your information and identity.

Site Security

ImportantScore.com and its credit partners utilize various methods of security to protect your information. For example, ImportantScore.com uses encryption, which is a way of coding your personal information so that it cannot be read if intercepted by a third party while traveling over a network.

Since ImportantScore.com deals with the credit histories of individuals — and because identity theft is on the rise — we take every precaution to ensure that your personal information is delivered only to you.

Online Delivery Protection System

When a customer requests credit information for online delivery, several identity confirmation checks are performed to ensure your personal and financial information do not fall into the wrong hands. If an individual cannot confirm their identity, the system does not allow that individual to view the requested credit history.